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Planning a vacation shouldn’t feel like a second job

When it comes to travel planning, there’s so much information out there. You could get recommendations from your friends and family… You could crowd-source on Instagram or go deep on Reddit… You could spend hours combing every guidebook and website and travel blog out there, making detailed, cross-referenced spreadsheets… oh—is that only me?

But here’s the problem:

How do you know if the information is good? Do the people who rated that restaurant on Google Maps have the same taste as you? What if you show up at the hotel and your room looks nothing like the picture online? Is that town your friend mentioned worth adding to your already-packed itinerary? Is that blogger’s opinion really her own?

Stephanie Dosch with pizza

Hola, I’m Stephanie!

And fortunately for you, I’m an award-winning travel expert. I spent the last 11 years working at one of the best luxury tour operators in the world, and I’ve planned customized trips for hundreds of demanding, discerning clients (think Succession, but nicer).

But I also know that a full-blown private tour with lots of hand-holding isn’t what everyone wants. You might not even need someone to make hotel reservations for you. Sometimes, you just want someone who gets you—but who also knows what they’re talking about—to tell you where to go, how to put it all together, and what to see and do in each place.

Well, you’re in luck, my friend, because that someone is me!

If you want to make sure you’re maximizing that precious PTO, I have three great options for you:

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