Download your free packing checklist

Say goodbye to packing panic!

I used to be a terrible packer, always stressed and overwhelmed, finally zipping my suitcase at 3am… the night before I needed to get up early for my flight.

Then, I'd arrive at my destination and discover I'd forgotten something important, like underwear (true story 🤦🏼‍♀️), or that I brought more clothes or shoes than I could ever wear.

No more!

These days, I’ve got packing nailed, and one reason is that I always use a packing list.

Now, I’m sharing the exact checklist I use before every trip to ensure I have everything I need—and nothing I don’t. I like to print mine, but I’ve also made it editable on a computer or tablet. And I’ve left plenty of space for you to customize with your own items.

Download your checklist now, say adios to panicked packing, and never again leave home without your essentials.

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