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Seven favorite photos

I’m participating in HostelBookers’ 7 Super Shots–here they are.


I need Spain

Spanish products I’m missing in the US

Upper East Side

Movin’ on up

theViatrix makes a big move to New York, plus an interview on The Spain Scoop.


O Little Town of Belén

Madrid goes all out building elaborate belenes, or nativity scenes. Here are six worth checking out.


I’ll have a weird Christmas

Four strange Christmas traditions from around Spain.


Spain goes to the polls

Disenchanted with the way things have gone in the last few years, Spaniards overwhelmingly voted in a new government last week: the conservative People’s Party (PP). While their victory came as no surprise, it will be interesting to watch how things change, for better or for worse, under the new leadership. But I’m not here […]